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Our mission is to ensure the good status of Estonian birds through research, protection and education.

Photo: Kauro Kuik
Photo: Kauro Kuik

This bizarre floating gadget could save seabirds' lives

Many seabirds meet their end accidentally tangled in fishing nets. In a brand new approach to this problem, our Partners are studying the way seabirds detect predators, in a bid to use the same techniques to keep them away from netting.

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Nature never sleeps: let’s not let COVID19 nip the EU Green Deal in the bud

The immediacy of the crisis posed by the pandemic causes a range of emotions from anxiety to panic, anger and even confusion. Seemingly, out of nowhere, it has seized the planet’s consciousness and focus and, as tragedy often does, seems to unite more than separate us...

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Latest birds observations from eElurikkus

28. March 2020
Asio otus (Northern Long-eared Owl) 1 Sten Lassmann Sookaera,
Strix aluco (Tawny Owl) 1 Sten Lassmann Kurevere,
Asio otus (Northern Long-eared Owl) 1 Sten Lassmann Paekna,
Asio otus (Northern Long-eared Owl) 1 Sten Lassmann Sõmeru,
Scolopax rusticola (Eurasian Woodcock) 2 Sten Lassmann Tammiku,
Scolopax rusticola (Eurasian Woodcock) 1 Andres Kalamees Puise,
Grus grus (Eurasian Crane) 2 Sten Lassmann Tammiku,
Glaucidium passerinum (Eurasian Pygmy-owl) 1 Sten Lassmann RESTRICTED
Turdus philomelos (Song Thrush) 1 Andres Kalamees Puise,
Turdus philomelos (Song Thrush) 1 Sten Lassmann Tuhala,