BirdWatch Zambia Celebrates a Conservation Milestone

On 31st August and 1 September 2019, BirdWatch Zambia (BWZ) - BirdLife International partner in Zambia, marked a milestone, celebrating 50 years of conservation in the country.

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Critical decisions made for vultures, songbirds & other birds threatened by illegal trade

At a crucial meeting in Switzerland last month, governments of more than 180 countries made critical decisions to manage the escalating international trade in wildlife including vultures, songbirds, hornbills, parrots and a number of other bird species. Here are some of the highlights.

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Latest birds observations from eElurikkus

16. September 2019
Streptopelia turtur (European Turtle-dove) 1 Helina Greenberg Elva vald, Valguta küla
Aythya marila (Greater Scaup) 39 Toomas Traagel RESTRICTED
Anas acuta (Southern Pintail) 6 Toomas Traagel RESTRICTED
Sterna sandvicensis (Sandwich Tern) 3 Toomas Traagel RESTRICTED
Calidris alpina (Common Dunlin) 14 Toomas Traagel RESTRICTED
Melanitta fusca (Velvet Scoter) 84 Toomas Traagel Neeme küla
Cygnus olor (Mute Swan) 38 Toomas Traagel Neeme küla
Anas penelope (Eurasian Wigeon) 132 Toomas Traagel Neeme küla
Branta bernicla (Brent Goose) 6 Toomas Traagel Neeme küla
Mergus serrator (Red-breasted Merganser) 24 Toomas Traagel Neeme küla